Stop Your City From Sinking

With our new aquifer filling technology
You can stop the sinking:
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About us

Keidel Software - Worldwide

KEIDEL GMBH is an innovative engineering company with a wide range of experience. Engineer Rolf H. Keidel founded the business in 1993. Since then, the family-owned company has been developing software for the building industry, specialising in Siphonic Roof Drainage.

Our clients are well-known companies based in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Our objective is to develop software, which can be installed on any laptop with ease. Our software is user-friendly for day-to-day work. The results are enhanced by “smart functions“ – helping you to save both time and money.

Our Product

Software designed for Surface Drainage to Refill Groundwater for the use of Public Building Authorities, Architects, Engineers and Manufacturers of Surface Drainage Products.

Replenishes the groundwater in urban areas with rainwater:

– uses an intelligent surface drainage system that extracts the rainwater from the surface.
– allows the rainwater first to flow through special surface runoffs, which then removes debris (e.g. leaves), sediments, pollutants and harmful substances.
– water flows via the pipework and is delivered at high speed into a recharge well.

How it works

The pipework is the heart of the plant

It operates as a full-bore system using the Siphonic Roof Drainage concept. The downpipe acts like a suction pump using the principal of gravity. This allows smaller pipe diameters and piping, with savings of up to 75% in materials. It has the added advantage of less groundwork in urban areas. The prerequisite for successful operation is an exact calculation of the pipe dimensions. KEIDEL GmbH has developed a software for the calculation of Siphonic Surface Drainage based on 25 years of experience and knowledge gathered in the Software Siphonic Roof Drainage field.

Special surface runoffs instead of a large-scale Rain Clarifier

Leading manufacturers of surface drainage products develop and supply surface runoffs with properties to retain leaves, sediment, and if necessary, filters against harmful substances.

Absorption wells – small construction site – big effect and savings

Construction of suitable absorption wells with the help of geological advice is no longer a secret, yet still, state- of-the-art. There are many suitable drilling companies and well constructors readily available and as a result, approximately over 22 million absorption wells in India.

Decentralised rain clarifiers saves resources

The Siphonic Surface Drainage concept, together with the pipework, its special surface run-offs, and the absorption well, forms a compact system for replenishing the groundwater with rainwater, thereby eliminating the need for large central Rainwater Clarifier.

Ideal for urban areas

Siphonic Surface Drainage with narrow pipe trenches, compact surface runoffs, decentralized cleaning and small drilling well construction sites provide ideal conditions for the implementation of groundwater recharge in urban areas, such as town squares, pedestrian areas, and parking lots. Existing buildings and outdoor facilities are only slightly affected during the construction period.

You can stop the sinking

  • icon-bars Inexpensive
  • leaf (2) Eco-friendly
  • hotel Suitable in built-up area
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